“I was eager enough to be measured at any academic pursuit. I excelled in school, my report cards littered with easy As in English, Social Studies, Math, and Science. I think that because these subjects came naturally to me, and I didn’t have a fear of failing or being — god forbid — corrected, I enjoyed them. The effort I put in was rewarded immediately with good grades. I was, in fact, often ahead of the class, and it fed a feeling of superiority and specialness that satisfied me.

“As far as gym class went, however, I justified my apathy with a grade I received at age nine: my gym teacher gave me an A for effort, but a D overall in the class. It kept me off the honour roll and made my parents livid. I stopped trying. Why try if it didn’t matter anyway?”

Above is an excerpt from a piece I wrote about my lifelong relationship with sports, athletics, and moving my body. I published it on Medium.

Allie & I showing off our new uniforms and team hat, June 2017 Holding some ice to my face at the Lil, the Mabel League's mid-season tournament, June 2017