Tight Club Check-in

Tight Club Check-in

In December, photographer Valerie Legere stopped by our house to take some photos of us in our space for our gym, Tight Club. Valerie was wonderful: warm, funny, dry, and punk rock. We drank tea and chatted, and she got a few casual shots of us in our element. Then, about a month later, Tight Club’s community manager Max got in touch with a list of questions for us. Allie and I love talking, so it was a great opportunity for us to collaborate. View the interview and photos here, on the Tight Club blog.

“There are so many amazing studios in Vancouver, what do you love about Tight Club?
“M: I actually just hate everything else I’ve tried. Tight Club was the first exercise commitment I made that I actually enjoyed. Weirdly, as a longtime (and passionate) cyclist, I totally fucking hate spin.

“A: For me, it’s the sense of community. I think, unfortunately, most gyms actually don’t want people to show up—like they sold tickets for 500 but only bought enough food for 50. I’ve always felt like everyone at Tight Club is noticed and cared for, and it just makes me feel nice to be a part of it.”

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